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By Lalia Wilson

November brings Thanksgiving and the beginning of cold weather in the United States. Thanksgiving is a harvest holiday of appreciation for nature’s gifts, celebrated by Canadians in October.  

Mercury is still retrograde until November 3rd which is Election Day in the U.S.A. See last month’s Scopes for more details on how to cope with Mercury retrograde. Mars is still retrograde until after 11/13. Both of these direct stations begin to lighten the load of a very difficult year. November still has the gang-up of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in the sign Capricorn, which is squeezing our governmental systems with the ultimate outcome of reform—but how much pain will we endure before saying “enough?” That pattern begins to break up the end of December.

All cards were randomized before these drawings with four decks being used. We had no duplicated cards, which suggests that we all have our individual paths to negotiate this month.

The Fire signs are depicted by The Healing Light Tarot (2017) created by Christopher Butler and distributed by Llewellyn Publications. The Earth signs are shown by The HooDoo Tarot (2020) by Tayannah Lee McQuillar (Author), Katelan V. Foisy (Artist). This deck is published by Destiny Books. The Air signs are represented using the Light Seer’s Tarot (2019) by Chris-Anne Donnelly the deck creator and artist, published by Hay House, Inc. (This deck is reviewed elsewhere in this issue of Tarot Sushi.) The Water signs are shown by Dragon Wisdom cards (2020) written by Christine Arana Fader and illustrated by Anja Kostka, published by Earthdancer Books, an imprint of Inner Traditions, Bear & Company. (This deck is reviewed elsewhere in this issue of Tarot Sushi.)

I choose various decks to illustrate each month’s drawings so as to show the versatility and variety of tarot, to emphasize a particular season or sign, and because some are my favorites. 

Aries: The Emperor and the Five of Swords:

Aries Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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 Dear Aries, The Emperor is the Aries card suggesting that a lot of attention is focused on you. Then we have the Five of Swords indicating strife. This is unsurprising given that Mars, your ruling planet, is currently retrograde. Wait until after 11/13 to start any fights. You may particularly be at odds with your spouse or business partner. Find a way to make them right for a change (consider it a character assignment for the beginning of the month).

Taurus: Strength and the Seven of Sticks (Wands):

Taurus Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Taurus, your thoughts are on your home and how lonely you have been during the lockdowns many have been experiencing this year. You are strong and resilient and these difficult times will end. However you almost certainly will have lost a friend or family member, or have one who is going to suffer from complications of this disease. Your health and vitality are good. Keep yourself healthy, these times will pass.

Our Strength image is a woman with a puma, a large North American cat also known as a cougar, mountain lion, or panther. The Seven of Sticks commemorates the story of Uncle Monday, an African slave that escaped from South Carolina. He petitioned a Native American shaman for an alternate form in which he would be perpetually safe. Uncle Monday can now appear as a man or a bull alligator.


Gemini: The Lovers and the Four of Wands:

Gemini Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Gemini, you have gotten the Gemini card (The Lovers) which indicates focus on you, but also on love and marriage. The Four of Wands is a celebration card, many times a celebration of marriage. Things look good for your one-on-one relationships. Avoid groups of people, such as parties, until it is safe, a prescription that is easier said than done,

Cancer: Expression

Cancer Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Cancer, this graceful turquoise dragon is here to prompt and support you in finding your methods of self-expression and joyfully enacting them. The dragon will continue to support you through any creative blocks you encounter. Arts, self-expression, music, performing, painting and writing poetry are all favored. The time to start expressing yourself is now!

Leo: The Empress and the Six of Cups:

Leo Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Leo, take reasonable health precautions during this time, especially if you are pregnant or just gave birth. If you want to conceive the omens are good. These cards together suggest a month of grace, plenty, good feelings and nostalgia. Enjoy the good vibrations as every month brings changes.

Virgo: Black Herman (The Magician) and the Seven of Coins (Pentacles):

Virgo Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0002

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Dear Virgo, it looks like a busy month involving crafting, writing, communications and sales. Some of your projects will take longer than this month to actualize, but all systems are go generally for you and for your personal artistic expression.

Black Herman (Benjamin Rucker 1892-1934) is the most famous of all African-American magicians. He used his platform as an entertainer and a HooDoo man to promote Black Nationalism. The Seven of Coins shows a woman picking up pearls that the swine did not eat. She wears a necklace for protection from evil.

Libra: The Hermit and the Queen of Wands:

Libra Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Libra, things are busy behind the scenes, some of them without your knowledge. Check on your home security, and your car and other possessions, including insurance policies, as theft is a possibility. A powerful charismatic woman in your life is a fixture for good (or not) this month. She could be your mate or business partner. Try to have her on your side.

Scorpio: Avalon:

Scorpio Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Scorpio, the Avalon card reminds us that it is time to connect with your ancestral and intellectual heritage of being a priestess, magician, or shaman. It is time to wake up and pick up the task of ending fear in our world, a task that was stalled when King Arthur died. Even if you are not partial to King Arthur’s story, you are devoted to the truth and an exacting boss and social commentator when pressed. You tell the truth, even when it is difficult and may result in some negatives for you. Trust your conscience. You are the most incisive of all the signs. This is because no one is more able to experience and set aside their intense emotions than you are.

Sagittarius: The Moon and the Ten of Swords:

Sagittarius Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Sagittarius, It looks like a mixture of positives and negative this month. There is no getting around the fundamental meaning of the Ten of Swords, a drastic ending or ruin. Yet the Moon card is pointing attention to you. This is a month in which you need to channel your inner Scorpio and let your emotions be experienced in appropriate ways and then set aside so that you can make sound decisions.

Capricorn: The Free Man (Fool) and the Nine of Sticks (Wands): 

Capricorn Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Capricorn, life has been grim for many during these times of covid-19, yet your life story has always had a bit of suffering and travail. Now the door is open, freedom is yours, yet the lessons you have learned by hard experience will guide you—if you are wise.

The Free Man, card zero, shows a man following his own calling, not the common path of the majority. This image pays homage to achieving freedom from the oppression of slavery, here indicated by the tomb of Joshua John Ward the owner of the most slaves in America. The Nine of Sticks shows an oppressed woman declaring “enough is enough.” She holds a mojo bag, a Bible and a loaded pistol. Behind her are the sticks shown with skulls representing her ancestors who have waited for her to become courageous.

Aquarius: The Hierophant and the Two of Wands:

Aquarius Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Aquarius, The Hierophant card can point to several different life issues for you this month. Your strong opinions will either align with the Hierophant (public opinion or your religious heritage) or strongly oppose the Hierophant. You have some concerns about your home and family and plenty of ideas, but… it is not yet time to make things happen. I know that waiting is probably your least favorite thing to do. Find a worthy project to occupy your time in this transition period.

Pisces: Oisin:

Pisces Nov 2020 Scopes 20200928 0001

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Dear Pisces, Oisin is the oldest, largest, and king of the dragons. He calls upon you to awaken to your role as a knight for the spiritual awakening of love on this planet. You are the most spiritually oriented and mystical of the signs. For some years you have been called to develop your spiritual side. The time is coming when you will play big roles in the world’s evolution. Don’t let yourself be a casualty by turning to alcohol or drugs.


You can use these Tarot Scopes to read your Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising Sign (also called your Ascendant). You can determine these by using free or low cost apps, or internet sites, and inputting your time, date and place of birth. The Rising sign indicates your entire life; the Sun sign is about your ego and creative forces, and the Moon sign is about your reigning needs, emotions, and flexibility.

The tarot cards used as illustrations for this column are ones that I or the editor, Terri Clement, admire and want to share with you. Note that decks have subtle differences of meaning as they are reinterpreted by a new creator/artist, and, of course, the tarot reader. Enjoy that flexibility of meaning and the artwork of these various decks. Reading articles with illustrations like these will help you determine the tarot decks that most fit you. If you get bored seeing my favorites, I’m open to suggestions and gifts.

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