Heart Path Oracle

Review by Lalia Wilson

Heart Path Oracle

The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love

Artist & Writer Nadine Gordon-Taylor

Bear & Company 2020

ISBN: 978-1-59143-390-3

The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love are a 52 card full-color deck and a 128 page full color book attractively packaged in a durable magnetic closing box. The publisher, who provided the review copy, is Bear & Company. The cards themselves are large: 4 inches X 5 ¾” and thus difficult for most people to riffle shuffle. The card’s reverse sides are unsuited to using reversals in your readings, but this deck does not have official reversed meanings, so it is moot whether the card backs are reversible-friendly.

This is a quirky deck. The artistic style is dreamlike and filled with symbolism. In many ways it follows surrealism style. The cards are beautiful, but they will not appeal to everyone. Having spent a few days with them I can say that they grow on you. All the cards in this oracle deck have positive meanings. This is a plus for many, especially in these contentious times. Since I have several other oracle decks with only positive meanings I will use this deck and those for a future Scopes article featuring four positive oracle decks.

Since this is an oracle deck and not tarot, there is no obvious order—the book lists the cards in alphabetic order by name. There is no long tradition of meanings. Here again you can say that the symbolism depicted in the cards speaks, without language, to everyone’s inner self. There is also no sequential meaning to the cards, like tarot’s pip cards that tell a story from Ace to Ten. For all those reasons you are cast to your intuition and imagination, plus the accompanying book, to interpret the cards. I recommend that you start working with this deck using a card a day before you start combining cards.

Pictured here are three cards I loved, plus the reverse side for the deck—the Dove of Peace. These cards are representative of the style of art used in the deck and the color palettes. 

Reverse side Heart Path cards Oct review 20200915 0001

The predominantly pink card (no, the whole deck is not pink!) shown is The Journey: Nothing is as it Seems. This card’s lesson is about being true to yourself. As you study the card you fall into image after image. Let’s start with the Lotus flower of spirituality arising from the water of unconsciousness. Then image after image is layered. Notice the Honey bees and their hive of hexagonal cells. The eyeball, or is that a stargate? The light blue planet Uranus (which connects us to The Fool card in the tarot). The Man, the ladybug, the wolf and the goose… Every color and detail is intended to spark your intuition, to draw you in and have you contemplate the meaning of this card, these symbols, to you at this time.  The accompanying manual gives a several-hundred word discussion of the meaning of this card—New Beginnings—and ends with an affirmation, “Fear is only an illusion; the only power it has is what I give it.”

Journey Heart Path cards Oct review 20200915 0001

Next let us look at Spiritual Slumber: Now is the Time to Wake Up. The main figure maybe a woman, maybe not, is occulted by a grayish inner figure, might be a gray alien, but according to Gordon-Taylor it is your soul waiting to burst free. The figure holds a world in her hands. The world is turned so that the continent of Africa is showing—the birthplace of homo sapiens, our species. Behind her is a pyramid, a gold & black target, or multi-stage halo, or three gold rings, and three butterflies, the symbols of transformation. Our main character has a red bindi, or Hindu symbol on her third eye, as does the gray figure. Perhaps opening the third eye is the clue to spiritual awakening? The affirmation is “I eagerly accept my role to help guide and balance planet Earth and all beings that reside on it.”

Spiritual Slumber Heart Path cards Oct review 20200915 0001

Now to my favorite card, Time Wave: Being in the Present Moment. I’m a sucker for otters, so any card with four sea otters is going to impress me. Otters are intelligent and playful. The otters float on the sea, perhaps the sea of unconsciousness, and are in the process of waking up. The lotus of enlightenment is present. A dragonfly, another symbol of enlightenment, is there. A large wave forms an interdimensional gate, with an eye looking at us from the gate. The Moon and Venus are pictured. The otters are a family with father, mother and child. The affirmation is, “I am in control of time, and it does what I want it to do.”

Time Wave Heart Path cards Oct review 20200915 0001

Some of you may want this deck for your spiritual practice. Some may want it to read from. Many may be attracted to the art. Each of these card images is available as art from Nadine Gordon-Taylor at www.thethirdeyestudio.com. I recommend this deck. If you have no background in reading cards, this deck will take some effort to learn.

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